Cindy and Marcia having a quiet moment
Point Man Darius
Early morning lunch prep
Noah and Linus giving Pat a ride :)
Wow!  he is actually IN the wagon with me.
Lynn and Richard
Happy Anniversary to Mike and Michele!
Michele and her dad, Bill
Darius, JJ and Chloe.  Where's Megan??
New comers, Alia and her mom, Tammy.
Gracie Jackson, she graced us all!
Dave and Karen in early morning's glow
Steve and Cindy, picture perfect!
Fred and Vanilla working hard
Jim Massey, our Scout
New comers no longer, Alia and Tammy
Perfect Day!
Olivia Denham, pioneer girl
A burst of color,
Teamster Michele
Abby and Evan
JJ Franks, great smile!
Dave Vixie, teacher, storyteller
Sue helping Garry
Sue, a reflective moment
Jim and Darice, Where's Evan?
Our Winnemucca friends, Christian, Theresa, Hannah and Andrew
Our first sunset, Oregon Interpretive Center, Baker City, OR
Chloe, Outrider
Scouting the trail, Jim Massey
Top of the hill, Milkweed flowers
Last amazing sunset, by Darius
Myrtle and Ed Tomczek with Tammy Buresh
Steve and Cindy, Andrew and Hannah
Hannah with her friends
Richard Anderson
A wagon full! Lynn, Megan, Marcia, Sharon, Christina, Hannah and Andrew
The Denham's; Olivia, Nathan, Karina, Angie, Braedan, Mitch
Bill Young
Bill Vixie and Bill Young
Garry Alden
Richard and Lynn Anderson
Mitch Denham and his daughter, Karina
A Great New Day!  Linus with sleeping Noah and Keith
A new teamster for the next trip, Alia Buresh
Gracie doin a good job
Marcia Vixie
Do I have to say 'Good-bye'?
Noah helping to get ready to go
Lynn Anderson starting out
Noah Vixie
Megan McKensie
Dalli, Jerry and Sylvia's neice
Jerry Wilcox Camp Rouser
Darice Massey, Teamster
Sylvia Wilcox, Teamster with Sue Hoy
Keith Kegel, Deb and Hugh's grandson
Hugh Holbrook,  A great guy!
Sue, She kept the camps clean!  Thanks!
Bill Young, Morning light
Wagonmaster Bill with the cute outriders, Chloe and Megan
New Friend, Chuck Birkenholz
Sharon McNamara, looking pretty.
Evan and Abby, new friends
Lunch time
Monte Guenzler and Pat Arends, enjoying a restful moment
Deb Holbrook, always writing...
Wagonmaster, Bill Vixie
Another new Teamster?  Jerry with new friends.
Darice and her grandson, Evan
Dorothy and Chuck Birkenholz and Bruce Wry
Deb, writing again??
Karen Vixie
Chloe Mallory
JJ Odom
Support Crew, Mike Dobson and Hugh Holbrook
Darice with Emma and Dinah
A perfect camp
Jim Fosback with Steve
Dalli, Cutie!
Gettin' clean in Elgin
Angie Denham with Braedan
Grace Jackson
Happy Feet
Bill and Darius workin together
Tammy, reflecting
Pat and Monte
Linus Kegel
Evan enjoying that oatmeal!
Dave and Karen
Mitch and Angie, Where are the kids??
Darius and JJ Havin a good time!
Lynn and Gracie
Nathan Denham, tired but happy
Red Boots
Steve and Cindy, Another perfect picture!
Rocky wants to ride for a change!
Brothers, Dave and Bill
Jerry with visitors, Bryar Jensen and Morris Hansen
The Girls, Chloe, Megan, Gracie and Abby
Alia and Tammy
Evan writing in his journal
Our Wagonmaster, keeping things going on time!
Garry's grandsons with Evan
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