Darius learning how to be a teamster
Just going along
Darius enjoying a quiet moment
At the end of the day
A view through the canvas
Dave and Karen Vixie enjoying the stagecoach
Kelly as Point Man
Fred and Vanilla
A shady spot
Megan and passengers
Crossing the creek on the old trail
Passing through on the old trail
Over the Prairie
A beautiful section of trail
Great Days on the Dalles Military Road
Noah and Dad
Bert and Ernie
Rough Road
A warm summer day on the Oregon Statehood Wagon Train
On the trail again
Billy and Rachel Vixie
God Bless America!
In the woods
Bill enjoying a young pioneer
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Milton-Freewater,  OR   97862
PH:  541-558-3827
FAX:  541-558-3964
Email:  vixie@neofast.net
Bil doing one of his favorite things!
Cindy taking a break
Steve and a happy rider
Grandfather Bill and Hope
The Berish kids loving the day
Hope and a sunny day
A  happy family
Mrs Fosback helping with a meal
Looking to a new future
Oliva and Steve
Stopping for a rest
Kids having some old fashioned fun
New Friends
Somewhere over the rainbow
A great view
Over the hills from a distance
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Shaniko Days Parade
Trading Stories
Jim Fosback and granddaughter
Wagonmaster Bill enjoying a quiet moment of reflection
A new Teamster
Shaniko Days
Enjoying Bert and Ernie in Shaniko
Kids are always excited about riding in the wagons
Behind Shaniko in the Prairie
Fixiing a 'flat'
In the Blue Mts 2012